P-Bon Consulting offers a variety of managed IT needs throughout New York. We manage computer maintenance and data security to I.T. business management, we are here to assist with all of your IT needs.

P-Bon managed services, you can rest assured knowing that your IT infrastructure is cared for properly. Our managed services plans include server and network monitoring, Windows computer and server patch management, guaranteed remote and on-site support, small scale project time, detailed reporting and metrics, and more. Our MSP includes security services. This is built into your managed service agreement; IT vulnerability assessments & remediation, security awareness training for your end-users.  We make security alerts available to keep your business one step ahead of the hackers and incorporate the latest technology into our solutions stack.

Disaster Recovery and Prevention

We aim to prevent hardware disasters and data loss.  Establishing an IT disaster recovery and prevention have two primary purposes:

  1. Recognizing vulnerabilities and putting measures in place to rectify or prevent them having a contingency plan in place so the business can continue in the event of a disaster we can help you present these as instructions, written into a formal company policy that every employee understands. Everyone needs to know how to execute the plan should the need arise.
  2. Creating an IT Disaster Recovery and Prevention Plan is crucial if you want to prevent your business from being paralyzed in the event of a disaster. We can take your business through the several steps required for this process. Every step is essential and should not be skipped.

IT Support / Help-Desk Support

We provide remote support and IT help desk services. Our process is simple and easy, we securely connect to your employee computers to provide IT technical support services for desktop, laptop, and workstation issues.  We assist when users cannot connect to a VPN, with Microsoft Office Suite. We remotely connect to fix and prevent the same IT problems from happening again.